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Всё самое лучшее для Вашего сайта! Скачивайте бесплатные CSS стили, JS скрипты, стоковые красивые фотографии, иконки и многое другое…

Yet another 2d tile map editor

See the Code — See it Full Page — See Details Ever since my first go at creating a super simple tiny isometric map editor I wanted to do something a little bit more advanced. Although its missing of some necessary features such as saving, loading, toggling whether a layer should be a «blockage»-layer or not. It’s almost a complete map editor for both standard 2d (top-view or platform) and

Weather Application built with jQuery and Yahoo Weather API (4 color schemes) ⭐

See the Code — See it Full Page — See Details Hello, This is my Weather Application for freeCodeCamp Portfolio. The Default Location is set to London but you can change it in the settings menu! It was built with jQuery and the Weather API from Yahoo to retrieve the data in a JSON format. Features: — Ability to save the settings when the page is reloaded and retrieve the

CSS Loader

See the Code — See it Full Page — See Details Simple CSS loader made with CSS3 animations and transforms. This Pen uses: Pug, SCSS, JavaScript, and Source: codepen


See the Code — See it Full Page — See Details A simple cellular automaton simulating growth of bacteria. Optimized for [a 128×256 screen]( that was provided at the [#CodePenHamburg meetup — LO-RES edition]( on October 10th 2017, hosted by [CELLULAR GmbH]( in Hamburg, Germany ☺. Started coding it at the event. See also if you would like to preview how this (or any other pen) looks like in